Touched in FWB 12/10/11

Last night I drove all the way to Fort Walton Beach from my home located in the bubble of South Walton County.  A band that I work with fairly regularly, The Trees, were set to melt the faces of the patrons of a little “club” in the downtown area of FWB and they needed me to drive some of their gear out there. In exchange for gas money and the hopes and dreams of meeting a woman with a small enough self esteem (or high enough BAC) to allow me to see her naked we packed up my van and began the journey.

The show in question was a Toys for Tots benefit concert. You know Toys for Tots, they are the  charity that helps children whose parents are too strung out on meth or just too damn lazy to get a job have a great Christmas! Go TEAM!! Aside from the feeling that I got from giving a toy to a poor child in need (and I mean poor as in “Awww, that poor kid” not “Your momma is so poor she doesn’t drive a BMW”) the band line up was AMAZING!

Few of these bands had ever been blips on my radar, and by few I mean one. The lineup looked something like this, in order of appearance (as best I can remember, Pabst impairs my ability to retain information): Finding Vegas, Neutral, Bleeding Money, Scars and Stripes, None the Wiser, and The Trees. There were supposed to be a couple more but I think they bailed out because they hate poor children. Now, a little bit about each band so you’ll understand why you suck for missing this show, other than you didn’t help the kids.

Finding Vegas

I’ve run into a new found liking for this genre of music called techno. I know it is broken down into a quadzillion sub genres but I don’t discriminate against the poopy ones to make the others smell better. These guys are on stage, checking sound and what have you, with a mini synthesizer midi keyboard type contraption and a guitar. In my mind this can’t be good. But it wasn’t terrible! These guys combine European influenced trance with electro-pop and rock elements and add catchy vocal melodies to create something new.  If their goal was to put smiles on people’s faces with their music then I think they did just that last night! If you are looking for some fun, energetic, danceable music go check these cats out!


What would happen if Nirvana and The Killers had a baby? Neutral! As odd as that mongoloid baby would appear, it sounds even better! Or worse, hell I’m not sure entirely! But, either way these guys put on a good show despite the sound guy not caring whether or not their mics and guitar cables worked. Any band that can cover The Man Who Sold The World and Mr. Brightside is well rounded enough to be counted near the top. Good job fellas!

Bleeding Money

One word…METAL!!! And I loved it! These guys were face melting machines that spread death and decay from one end of the packed venue to the other! There were spikey haired skinny kids slamming their frail bodies into much larger bearded giants and everyone had a great time! For a last minute addition to the line up these guys definitely put on a great show!

Scars and Stripes

Anti-Flag on Meth!!! That’s how these guys were described to me by a random dude outside the venue. Crazy thing about this crazy gentleman is he wasn’t far from right! These guys could definitely hang with any of the punk bands I grew up listening to. Definitely go check out their Facebook page and give em a listen!

None the Wiser

Funny story…I went to check these guys out on Facebook and there are about 15 bands called None the Wiser, but these guys made all those other ones sound like Helen Keller reciting the Star Spangled Banner. And believe it or not, this was their first show!! With two vocalists melodically screaming punkish lyrics over a very NoFx influenced drum beat, how could these guys go wrong?

The Trees

Are you breathing? Thank a tree! With a tagline like that they better be good! And they are! This three piece band played everything from “Badfish” by Sublime to The Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat”!! And the crowd loved them! I must say I’m a little bit biased because these cats are really good friends of mine, but they didn’t get booed off the stage so they must be at least decent. Judging by the dancing and singing along they may have even been liked by a majority of the crowd.

Please go to the links above for these bands and check out their music, do a little stalking, and maybe even say something mean about one of their mothers. At least make it to the page though! They are working hard out there so we can enjoy live music, let’s thank them!


6 thoughts on “Touched in FWB 12/10/11

  1. Mikey Livid says:

    Thanks for the review! What a great night!

  2. brain young says:

    love your writings bro, very funny and honest…….i think, i don’t know

  3. The Trees says:

    Thanks much for the write-up! It was a blast and we hope to see all of the other bands on stages with us in the near future

  4. JD Jones says:

    We appreciate the review! Thanks!

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